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Imposter 25 5, 5:41am

honestly tho, estonia really is such a beautiful place, with nice land, such a cool yet cute language, absolutely delightful architecture, the worlds least religious and most literate populace, and even has beautiful flag colors and name... and with the whole 'first one to nationwide internet' thing they have going, estonia is going to get very popular very quickly. from what ive heard about it, shes been working pretty hard to be a better and better place ((whether thats just for herself or just to get accepted by the nordics lol, or both)) and has done some pretty cool stuff in the process, despite certain influences from certain other people... i feel like, whether she does become an official nordic or not, she should at least be getting an updated stereotype soon =D
from what i know about and have seen of estonia, my personal stereotype for them is mousey-grey hair ((but in a nice, drizzly-rainy-day way rather than a dull depressed way)), quite pretty in a clean, casual, non-vain way ((a bit like sweden actually, just more casual and less vain lol)), and above all, very, very persistent in achieving their big goals, no matter how long it takes, without even being nasty or annoying about it. also quite social, considering the whole nationwide internet thing and the fact theyve been determined to be in the nordic group for so long. also the hat, because of their relationship with finland lol.
all in all, she actually seems like very good company. at least, thats how i see her. ^_^

the more i look at photos of the country, the longer i have this light sense of 'a breath of fresh air on a drizzly day.' haha pardon the poetry XPP