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Lost Friends 28 5, 1:16am

welp, im fucking heartbroken again. *_*;
it kinda pisses me off that the song that just came on rn is Eyes of a Stranger by Queensryche. BC
"all alone now except for the memories of what we had and what we knew." BC

i hope one day england and denmark turn that area into an amazing, massive underwater tunnel between the two of them... itd be a massive undertaking but it could improve trade and business between the two of them, and they could use the history of the area as an excuse to make it a totally awesome tourist attraction ((which would help pay for it)). like, gorgeous murals all along it showing their history together? or something like that. id go see it.
they might even be able to use some of the dirt from it to make their landmasses artificially bigger hahaha XD

ps; am i the only one having a hard time believing it was actually named DOGGERLAND??
all in favor of turning it into an epic dog park called Doggoland?

America wearing England's shirt