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@tomyironmane My wife's grandma died last year, and her dad was dead for a long time now, and they planned on burying in the same spot, because the spots here are insanely pricey to get. So, it was supposed to be empty, turns out it wasn't. Something has mixed up, probably the casket was lacquered or something and withstood for too long, they ended up unearting her dad's skeleton, during the burial no less, it was all really, really weird. She said later, when she returned, that this definitely put a lot of thing in perspective. Long story short: they don't move them.
Bone chapels were made when after plagues the cemeteries were full to the brim, in Paris it was so bad that dogs could reach the top layer of burial ground. That's why the bone chapels were made. I don't think they are routinely made now, even though there are way more people living and dying.