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How the North works 7 6, 8:19am

Fun fanct for ppl who wonder why Finlad is not part of Scandinavia:

Swedish, Norwegian and Danish and Icelandic are all Scandic languages. They belong to North Germanic languages (part of Indo-European languages, in Family of three Germanic languages).
Germans (not from Germany, Germany came later) lived in South Scandinavia, and around 500 B.C.E the languages started to turn in their own directions.
850 B.C.E the climate started to change colder and part of the people moved south to the area nowadays know as Germany and Holland, and that is why the languages have a lot of similarities.

The language is the reason why it's called Scandinavia

Finnish is Uralic language. Uralic languages include Hungarian, Finnish, and Estonian.
Finland is not part of Scandinavia since they does not speak Scandinavian language :)