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Public transport 24 7, 3:16am

Lol... and I'm so sad for your experience, I really am. If the Belgian railways charged by the time spent on its trains rather than on the distance of the journey, they'd make a fortune.
I'm a binational Belgian-Luxemburger and I once took the train for a normally 2-hour journey, without changes, just from Brussels to some station in the south and it took... tadaaa... 7 hours. Our train broke down, the replacement locomotive broke down too, we saw other trains pass us without stopping to transfer passengers. Even the "train driver" told how hopeless he was. It was really great fun in the carriage.
As for Wales, I have some very fond memories of steam trains in the north of Wales. I didn't do them all but quite a lot. I do wish you keep them in working order. They are a treasure to cherish.