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Double Attack 16 8, 9:59pm

@katfairy Why would Denmark ever sell Greenland? Firstly, the massive abundance of natural resources under the ice isn't something we're unaware of, quite the opposite in fact.
Secondly, considering the current slightly confusing status of Greenland as a sovereign territory, even if Denmark did want to sell Greenland, i'm not sure if we could.
And thirdly, IIRC, Denmark sends 500 million USD to Greenland each year, which helps with their poverty issues, and also helps out on other social areas. And given the US' track record on helping poor and disadvantaged people, and especially natives, I'm not so sure the people actually living in Greenland would actually want to become American either.

The only ones who would gain from such a sale would the the US. And thankfully, Denmark isn't stupid enough to go through with such a deal.