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Double Attack 17 8, 12:32am

@EnglishBloke Hillarious that you as a Brit are saying that. You do know that parts of London, Bradford, Midlands, Blackburn etc you can't walk in to if you are a light skinned non muslim person. Media has written how Sharia law is on the rise in UK - including leftist medias such as BBC and CNN! The vast majority of rapes and especially gang rapes are commited by muslims.

Sure there are good muslims. But way to many of them are harrasing girls at the beach if they are sunbathing topless, stabbing innocent people in the night life, mugging, robbing, raping, gang raping etc. Muslims make up the vast majority of those criminals.

"Inbred cunts" Yes, marriage between cousins is quite common amongst muslims and preferably if the wife is just a child, as the quran allows this. Hell even their great profet married a child, Aisha was somewhere between 6 and 9 - depending on scripture.