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Double Attack 17 8, 2:18am

@minimilk Well yes immigration will ensue problems if the immigrants aren't assimilated properly due to culture clashes and differences in lifestyle, but the way you phrase your comment makes it seem like you think that most of the mulims who move to Britain are bad people, which I'm sure isn't the case. Not to deny the crime increase in corrolation to immigration, that'd be unwise, without acknoledging a problem you can't solve it, but it's also important to note that brown people and black people (who make up the majority of muslims in the world) aren't inherently worse than anyone else, no, those people you're referring to have grown up in an enviroment where they learned that different things are okay to do than in the Western World.

My point is, with thorough integration and schooling of immigrants, there won't be a problem, crime isn't in their genes anymore than in ours, but it's something caused by enviomental factors. So, if you're going to mention a problem in such a manner then you should also have an idea for a solution or ask others for solutions.