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Double Attack 19 8, 11:39pm

@stabcutdrink What I’m about to say isn’t exactly relevant to the discussion but I’d like to add it anyway because of the way many people use the term “white culture” as if it’s one thing. Of course white people have culture, but the term white culture itself isn’t logically right considering there are many different white ethnic groups and they all have their own culture. Greek, Italian, Scandinavian, Russian, English, German etc, are all considered white but their cultures are also very different in some ways despite them also having similarities. They are different enough to be deemed separate.

The same can be applied to any large group, for example there is no single Asian culture. China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Mongolia all have similarities, sure, but they are still not the same. I don’t know with 100% certainty but I’m guessing a lot of Koreans would be offended if someone said their culture is exactly the same as Japanese culture.