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Double Attack 20 8, 12:43am

@Scanian China itself has many sub-cultures, with differences from each other at least as far as European countries, with the one exception that most of them have mutually intelligible written (but not spoken) languages, but even there the idioms and such are quite different. But even though that is the case, "Chinese Culture" is a common phrase to use. Moving outward, there are, indeed, certain cultural similarities amongst most of the East Asian countries, such that the phrase "Asian culture" is also sometimes employed as a shorthand to references those similarities as they contrast with other regional common cultural similarities. Similarly, "Latino culture" is a very common term referring to the commonalities between South and Central American countries' cultures. I don't think it is incorrect to use such terminology; it is definitely referring to a more general set of things than, for example, Sámi culture or Pitcairn culture, but not inherently incorrect.
Where one should be careful, though, is when comparing such cultures; the two cultures being compared should be roughly the same generalization level. It wouldn't make sense to compare "European culture" (or "white culture" or "Western culture", which all seemed to be used synonymously, which is probably incorrect) to "Congolese culture"; one is an entire continent (or more, depending on how it is interpreted) while the other is a single country.