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Have a sit down 26 8, 11:11am

Urinals exist FOR convenience... and efficiency, particularly in public places where there will be a lot of traffic in the bathrooms.

They exist because a line of urinals takes up much less space than a line of toilet stalls. Even if there's a long lineup, the men who just need to piss can quickly do their business and go, while only the men who need to shit will take the extra time to enter a stall, turn around, lock the door, undo and drop their pants, sit, focus, shit, pull out a bunch of too-thin poo-tickets of toilet paper, wipe, stand, pull up and do up their pants, flush, unlock the stall, and leave. Ideally, both groups will wash their hands next before they go. >_>

This is why the line for the women's restroom is always longer. They ALL need to do the full stall routine, and there's fewer total stalls in there than the mens room has total stalls + urinals.