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Picking and choosing 23 9, 3:38pm


A lot of errors and assumptions here. Far from clear that either Scotland or N Ireland will leave the UK for a start. Before you say they voted to remain in the EU technically they didn't. The majority in each state voted for the UK to remain, which is a different issue. If the UK escapes and then there were referendums in either both states people will have to consider whether their better off inside the UK or outside it. Of course being inside the EU isn't an option as they would have to start as new states and apply for membership, which would take years. Unless of course the EU does a 180 and decides its laws, which their been arguing they can't change, even to avoid screwing over the Irish Republic, can suddenly be altered instantly to allow them some sort of immediate access.

An independent UK will have problems, even without the repeated stated intent of the EU leadership to ensure it fails. Not sure whether that's solely to terrorise other nations out of considering leaving as they say or whether bruised egos play a big part but that's by the point.

There will still be the problem of getting rid of the other set of corrupt and incompetent politicians that plague Britain, those in Westminster, starting with the Tories but it will be 1 down 1 to go rather than having two infestations. Plus having set a precedent will probably help.

In answer to your last sentence I am a Liberal and a Democrat and hence believe in democracy and human rights, unlike the people who have perverted the party I was a member of for decades. Hence I see no problem with the break up of large autocratic states that ignore the desires of its people. So unlikely you imply I'm happy the Soviet empire is gone and that states like Poland, Latvia etc are balkanised. ;)

Britain will face problems but I think we're got a good chance of coming through OK. I wonder whether the same will be said of the EU? Not just because we're established a precedent and the EU have lost a source of funds and a controlled market. Britain was the largest state supporting a continued confederation status largely concerning freeing up trade and interaction and opposing the imposition of a 'national' state of 'Europe' but we're far from the only ones and with the 'elite' pushing forward towards that target with greater emphasis others are likely to see exit as the best option. Then there's the screwing over of much of southern Europe for the sake of Germany and France. If your concerned about problems then I suggest you look a bit closer to home.