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I GUESS 6 10, 12:11pm

@TexasRuss *ding, ding, ding* You guessed correctly! I was talking about Lubbock and Amarillo, which to *me* is west Texas, because it’s near-ish to the border with New Mexico, but I guess locals have a different terminology. Most god forsaken bit of road I’ve had the pleasure of driving.

If I’m ever back that way, I’ll go looking for that canyon, thanks! I live in Las Vegas, and we have something similar: Mt Charleston. It’s like somebody dumped 20 sq. miles of Colorado Rocky Mountains out in the middle of the Mojave Desert— aspen trees, conifers, snow... the whole nine yards!— and nobody knows about it. I’m pretty sure it’s legal for a local to shoot you if you’re caught telling the tourists about it, LOL...