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I'm assuming a man from Scotland is not using it with any ill-intent, but FYI, "Coloured" is not considered a socially acceptable term in modern America, since about... the 1970s or so, I think?

Though if you step away from the cultural context and just consider the word literally, I honestly think it's more positive-sounding than the currently popular "black". "Black", like "white" is an exaggeration of the reality of human skin tones, and also positions "whites" and "blacks" as extreme opposites, with not so much as a pixel in common.
"Coloured" to my ear sounds comparable to calling food "flavourful", almost inherently a good thing. ^_^
Rather than anything negative, hearing "coloured" reminds me of this scene from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves:

...but, that's not how white supremacists have used the word in past decades, and apparently they get to dictate to all of us how language is used, so here we are with a nice word like "coloured" being considered offensive in the 21st century. >_>