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The boat is being floated 11 10, 11:04am

"Boarders" can also being pirates climbing up the side of the ship you're on. :P

(Actually, anyone getting onto a vehicle larger than a car or truck; so mainly planes and ships. "Passengers board the plane" for example. )

Here's some extra trivia: "Boarders" as in people staying overnight in some place (usually not for free) comes from the expression "room and board", which was how a monastery or cheap inn described what they offered to travelers in the middle ages;
"Room" is self-evident; a small room to sleep in for the night. "Board" refers to a small meal (bread and cheese, for example) which was served upon a literal wooden board platter, since only rich people had plates in that era.

There's also "boarding school", which describes a school where students live there at the school for all the months classes run, as opposed to living at home. They have been quite common in England, though in the USA at least, being sent to boarding school is more a punishment for children extremely poor discipline. Boarding schools there are often operated more like a military boot camp for children than a typical public school, the idea being to force more disciplined behavior onto an unruly child.