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The boat is being floated 11 10, 6:50pm

@Synapse I think it's more a reference to the EU and Britain not being able to agree on what the Irish border should look like. The EU will not accept an open border to a non-EU country - which Britain obviously will become - and Britain doesn't want a hard border because, you know, Ireland. They don't have great history with that.
So the EU has proposed that the 'hard' border could be outside of Ireland - so that it would be between the island of Ireland and the rest of Britain (This would be the 'pony' that they're offering) - but the Brits won't accept this (They want another solution, the 'Unicorn' that the EU will never agree to).
That's the unicorn/pony/nothing-debate. And it will probably end up being 'nothing' that wins, which means there will be a hard border splitting Ireland and North Ireland in two since the EU and Britain couldn't agree on any actual deal. I'm sure there's a ton of other stuff they're not agreeing on, but the Ireland-situation is probably one of the biggest issues at the moment.