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The boat is being floated 11 10, 6:53pm


That's the EU blame game stance that their been following for the last 3+ years while making idiotic demands themselves. Like:
a) Insisting on extra-territorial rights for their citizens inside the UK while refusing to give any guarantees for Brits in the EU
b) Insisting on continued subsidies after Britain has left. To use Tusk's notorious drinking club comparison Britain would be excluded from the club but the EU would insist on continuing to put their drinks on Britain's tab. Their recently twisted things again here as the initial excuse for this was to meet the costs of the EU deciding to transfer facilities from the UK, a dubious issue on its own. More recently their now claiming their entitled to that money even if there's no deal despite it being part of the failed deal.
c) Their refusal to accept an open border between Ireland and the UK if Britain leaves, then seeking to blame Britain for their decision.
d) That stupid dummy photo op very early on in the process which they seem to have set up solely to mock Britain despite their stance being a lot more stupid than that of the British.
e) Barnier's repeated lying about there being no cherry picking when that was virtually all he was doing for three years. No wonder he's nicknamed DS [Double standards] Barnier.