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The boat is being floated 12 10, 12:45am

@stevep59 In all honesty: Most of the brexit mess is on the Britts.
As for your points:
a) Basically whats being asked is that GB not be allowed to go: "We agreed to this, but we changed our minds and now regular people are gonna pay for it since we're kicking them out". That's hardly "extra-territorial", it's basic decency. It only applies to people who are already there and the ask is basically that GB not be assholes to the little people.
b) Nobody's forcing GB out of the EU. Stuff was placed there based on agreements that GB now want's out of. Not a problem, they're free to leave. Paying for the cost of your own choices however is not really unexpected, or unfair.
c) Ehm... what? Having borders against others is kind of a big part of brexit. But if the same thing goes the other way it's bad? You can't have your cake and eat it too. Demanding that you be left out and closed off, but for that to only apply one-way is kinda hypocritical.
d and e) Not really gonna argue this, because: bad PR and history revision in politics!? Oh noes... ;)

TL;DR: If you don't wanna be in the club that's fine, but you also don't get any special treatment and you're still expected to hold up your end of stuff you've already agreed to. That's a perfectly fair stance in pretty much all circumstances.