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It's not England, or more accurately Britain who's insisting on drawing borders, assuming your talking about Ireland. Its the southern Irish - or a very militant portion of them who decided on independence, at the cost of dividing the island. The GFA eased a lot of tensions but the EU is insistent that the border must be withdrawn, albeit they would like to draw it in the Irish Sea, regardless of the feelings of the people in the north.

If you mean leaving the EU yes the people of Britain supported such a decision over three years ago. A lot of people have done everything they can to block that decision being implemented and it looks like they will delay it again. However hopefully eventually it will happen and we can start picking up the pieces that the politicians have made of this.

In terms if 1839 Britain was a very important power at the time and had a say in what happened but I very much doubt it was them dictating to all the powers. Don't know the details but at the time people on the ground rarely had a say on the matter anyway. Possibly the German speaking population of what became the Grand Duchy wanted to associate more with the German confederation than the people across the new border. Quite possibly the Germans, especially the Prussians and Austrians had a lot of say in the matter as well. About the only people who didn't have much say were the Dutch, who had ruled the region but lost out to popular opposition in what became Belgium which gained international support. Oh and the French who had wanted to annex Belgium themselves.