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The boat is being floated 13 10, 4:01pm


I know about the troubles as I lived through that period. Albeit the nearest I came to the violence was a terrorist bombing in Manchester a few years after I was at uni there.

The GFA was a step towards ending the violence and its ending will be a problem for both sides. Already the extreme Irish terrorist groups are resuming violence with one death that I know of and attempts to murder other people. Also the economies of both sides will suffer when the EU closes the border.

The problem is that instead of saying from the start that it will close the border the EU has pretended its willing to find a 'solution' but as you say that won't work because it won't fit in with the current doctrine. Britain would be willing to compromise and make considerable concessions but the EU refuses to change at all and the only thing it would consider was that Britain effectively stays inside the EU for as long as the EU wishes. This was rightly considered impractical. Furthermore the EU has continued to hold out the chimera of a solution and also blame Britain for the fact one hasn't emerged. Like on so many other issues on Brexit its sort a blame game rather than be honest and responsible. [I'm not saying Britain has got everything right. Not by a long way with the Tories in charge as I wouldn't trust them to manage anything]. However I'm fed up with the EU lying and seeking to blame Britain, especially when so many people fall for their story.

If they had just admitted from the start that Britain leaving the EU meant that the EU would kill off the GFA and that was that then a lot of time and effort would have been saved. However that would mean them taking responsibility for their actions, which their been unwilling to do.