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The boat is being floated 13 10, 5:40pm

@stevep59 about that 1st point, there were some (a lot of) concers about the fate of british people living outside the UK and inside the EU, but policies to give them security started to be implemented very early on, before the UK started asking for them; which means that UK claims on that regard either stem from a severe lack of information (which would be very concerning for a country with so much individual power) or is a ruse to claim the EU is doing nothing about their citizens (because you can't do what's done, since it's already done).

I'm not so well informed on the second point, but I dare say that if governmental facilities were built in british territory (with british consent and most likely with british encouragement), suddenly kicking them out and balking out on any responsibilities is, at a minimum, very unsportsmanlike.

The third point mentioned is quite interesting, since the UK seems to be going all "everything or nothing" while the side you blame has been offering the middle ground from the start, and once you put it in these terms and see it from the outside a very clear picture is formed. Please ask someone completely unrelated to tell what picture that is.

And as @belga has stated, politicians doing stupid things, doubling down on moronic idiocy and such, while something to frown upo, it's sadly nothing new.