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The boat is being floated 14 10, 5:37am

The EU's position on the Irish border has always been crystal clear for the simple reason that by the design of the EU they cant accept anything else. Open borders with the EU is a big cooperation that requires the country in question to conform to EU regulations and free movement of people, there is no negotiating this and never has since compromise would actually destroy the EU.

The EU cant allow open borders without all the extra things attached and the UK will not accept all the extra things attached and demands open border. The EU cant possibly compromise on this topic for obvious reasons and the UK is obviously not going to sign a bad deal.

The main problem here is that there never were any other deals available. Anyone who claimed they could convince the EU to destroy themselves to satisfy the UK obviously either did not know what they were talking about or they lied to you. That is what this is all about, a reality check. The EU has always been upfront and honest about their position and the fact that they can not compromise even if they wanted to. The UK has been stubborn and demanded that the EU compromise. The UK can not possibly win this negotiation because their demands were impossible to begin with.