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The boat is being floated 14 10, 3:39pm


Unfortunately this is totally inaccurate. The EU has continued to offer an exit treaty with the idea that the GFA can be maintained and has even insisted that they demanded such for any treaty on trade between Britain and the EU. I think it was Tusk that used the term they wouldn't throw Ireland under the bus, i.e. allow the GFA to end. And that was only one of the most recent times they have stated something like this.

Of course as you and others have said the EU were lying here. I've suspected for a year or more this was the case and they never intended to do any deal with Britain but their kept open the lure of some deal that as part of it and that has long been the main sticking point keeping the GFA active. Ireland is simply too small and unimportant to the EU for them to consider changing their rules for Ireland. Probably if it had been France or Germany but not for a small country like Ireland.

The problem as has been pointed out repeatedly is that Tusk, Barnier and co have lied repeatedly on this issue, as with others and too many people in Britain have believed them. I know this is the case as I've heard them several times on the BBC saying such things.