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The boat is being floated 15 10, 12:35am

@stevep59 Well of course the EU is very much interested in maintaining the open border between Ireland and Norther Ireland on behalf of Irish interest. They have also put forward all the available options since basically day one of the Brexit negotiations such as the option that Theresa May wanted to implement with the backstop.

However, and this is important. They can not compromise on their foundational trade agreements that every other EU nation signed when they joined and as such if the UK demands things that the EU literally can not give them the only other option is rejection. This is part of why everyone says Brexit promises unicorns, because the EU cant give the UK what it wants under any circumstances, its a diplomatic impossibility.

There are plenty of options that the UK could have gone with such as the Norway model or indeed the Theresa May deal with the backstop if you think you could actually magic up a solution (that you had not presented yet) but as it stands it is the UK that has not accepted the options that exists in reality as well as have failed to make real the solutions it promises it has.

Also ignoring the fact that you are asking 27 countries to change their laws just to appease the UK its just a fact that it would be suicidal. The changes that the UK demands would ruin the EU by allowing the UK to function as a smuggler and undermine the EU markets. Who would agree to such a nonsensical suggestion?