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The boat is being floated 15 10, 5:23pm


Ah right. I was thinking you were arguing that all Luxembourg should have gone to Belgium [in 1839]. If I understand rightly what your saying is that none of it should have?

My nationality is open, i.e. inclusive. I have no problem being both English and British. The reason I can't be EU [I would use European as the term is inaccurate] is because the examples I see are tightly exclusive. You can only have the single nationality/identity in that mindset and any alternative loyalty must be condemned and wherever possible degraded.

This could be simply because EU supporters in Britain are very hard line - or at least they shout much louder. However its this intolerance that has increasingly alienated me and I suspect many others from the EEC/EC/EU over the past few decades. There has been a lot of lies and hostility from both extremes in Britain but too many people in the EU camp take the binary view - that there is a perfect angelic correct viewpoint, which of course is their one and that any alternative view is wrong if not evil. I've seen this in a few cases on this site with a few trolls who consider that debate consists of throwing insults and abuse and refusing to accept that their viewpoint is anything but prefect. That's why I'm dubious about the future of the EU and given the abuse I've faced over the past few years especially will be glad if Britain leaves.