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The boat is being floated 15 10, 5:33pm


The problem is this is not what Barnier, Tusk etc have said. They have claimed they want to maintain the GFA but they refuse any proposal that would resolve the problem. If they had said from the start that if Britain left they would kill the GFA then a lot of time and effort wouldn't have been wasted. Instead there are vague references that they are open to a deal but no details have ever been given in public as to what they would accept. They keep encouraging Britain to make efforts but other than saying "well if you stay under EU control" which even this Parliament has made clear is unacceptable they have given no details. They might have done in private to British representatives but no one has said this in public. That's why so many of the British people are fed up with their foot-dragging, along of course with their assorted lies about numerous offers.

I also wish people would stop claiming that a change in the rules would be for Britain's benefit. The big loser when the EU ends the GFA will be the Irish republic. However as the EU have made clear they don't care about its people. Unfortunately the Irish politicians have slavishly followed the EU line so I suspect that not only will the Irish people have a nasty shock but also because of the EU misinformation they will blame Britain rather than Brussels for the problem and you will see another upsurge in terrorism.

As others have said the EU can refuse to do a deal with Britain. Its stupid and short sighted but technically they can do so. If so I wish they would be honest about it rather than all the propaganda their putting out. However such a stance would be very costly for them as well as Britain.