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The boat is being floated 16 10, 5:57am


Thanks for explaining, and sorry I must have misunderstood some of what you wrote.
Also, I must admit that I kinda gave up on following what was going on lately, since I'm away on an Erasmus year so I won't be affected by any change until next year (and also because I'm French so I don't have to actually live through it, although I'm studying in the UK - and I was mostly concerned by what was happening to the university in the first place)

But a bit of context makes it easier to understand ^^

And I definitely agree with you, thinks would be a lot easier if politicians/governments would just take responsibility for their actions and/or if they spent more time and effort fixing problems rather than pretending to be innocent and that eeeeeeverythig is definitely someone else's fault.

Unfortunately, it's not even just a EU problem, they all do that.