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Factually inaccurate. Ireland was a full and equal member of the union. That's why most of the MPs elected for Ireland were Catholics of one group or another. The Protestants were only in the majority in the north. It had been an effective colony and a lot of the time ruled with much discrimination in previous centuries - which unfortunately was all to common in many areas, but that had largely gone after the Catholic emancipation act of 1829.

At the time of partition the 6 counties of the north were split about 2/3 1/3 between Protestants and Catholics.

I say imperial claim because the Irish constitution, from ~1930 to 1996 claimed to rule by right the norther counties will no regard at all for will of the people of those counties. As such it was deeply undemocratic and imperialistic is probably an accurate description of the claim of the Irish republic at that time.