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The boat is being floated 17 10, 6:08am

@stevep59 I am not sure what news sources you have read but that is not at all what is going on. To start with the EU is very upfront with what it wants and has provided several solutions to the UK all of which has been rejected such as the "May's deal". Of course these are not particularly good options, there never were any and the Brexiteers who claimed it would be easy and that they had a plan have all come up with nothing but empty air.

Every Brexit plan that has been publicly presented has been rightfully ripped apart because this is the classic case of wanting your cake and eating it at the same time. For a deal to be accepted by the EU it needs to clear a few points.
1: Pay the EU what the UK owes. We dont know the amount but it will probably be negotiated between 25 to 200 billion Euro. This is money that the UK has already promised to pay for various projects and such.
2: It must protect EU citizens already living and working inside the UK.
3: It must honor the GFA.
4: If there is an open border between the EU and the UK then the UK must accept free movement of people and follow EU regulations.

Under no circumstances will the EU budge on these things and there is obviously allot of other stuff but these are the main things. The UK has not proposed a single solution that fulfills these criteria so they are automatically rejected by the EU. It is also worth noting that the EU has also been very passive and not influenced or pressured the UK into anything because it would make people blame the EU for the UK's failure in negotiations. So far the EU has simply sat there and rejected one proposal after the other because they cant fulfill the basic requirements.