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The boat is being floated 17 10, 3:36pm

What your saying is that while formally outside the EU Britain must stay under EU control. That's already been rejected three times, even by the current parliament.

1) Is simply wrong. Britain will be leaving the EU [hopefully] so it will no longer have either the privileged or the responsibilities of membership. To say otherwise is the EU trying to have its cake and eat it or to use one of Barnier's favour phases cherry picking.

2) That's already been agreed a long while ago.

3) Britain is willing to honour the GFA agreement. Its the EU that's the problem here.

4) Again wrong. That is totally incompatible with the UK leaving the EU.

The EU leaders may have made such clear statements in private but they haven't said this in public. I'm referring to the BBC, which is my main source of news and they have NEVER said that to the British people. If they have we would have realised that the GFA is dead a long while back and Britain can't rescue it.