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The boat is being floated 18 10, 12:29am

@stevep59 I do not think you understand what open borders means. Open borders is a very close partnership that in an equal standing always includes holding to the same standards. If the UK wants open borders they will have to adopt EU standards and regulations, no ifs or buts about it. Of course this goes both ways and the UK can attempt to demand things on their side that the EU has to follow but considering the EU is so powerful and have the best negotiation team in the world its not much the UK can do on their side.

Strictly speaking the EU regulations and control is not really the EU's but something that both sides has to agree to. Its mutual and not as one-sided as you make it sound. The EU is held to the same standards as it forces on the UK.

As you say this has been rejected multiple times by the UK, not by the EU. It is the UK who is being problematic and is unable to provide a solution, not the EU. This is the UK's fault through and through.

1: Your opinion is irrelevant. If you want to cooperate with the EU they have the right to demand this, if you have a no-deal then they will not force the UK to pay but will probably bring it up anytime the UK wants to negotiate a new trade deal.

2: True this has been agreed to but if the UK were to deny this then there would be no possibility of a deal so it qualifies on the list.

3: The EU will never accept a deal that conflicts with the GFA, how are they a problem? In fact the current proposal from Boris is a modified proposal that the EU themselves put forward. One that the UK slammed (and rightly so because it divides the country).

4: If you cant agree to this then an open border is impossible. This is not the EU being obstinate but a fact that open borders cant really exist without this at a bare minimum.

The EU leaders have made these statements publicly and if BBC has not covered it then that is more to do with the BBC than the EU leaders since they cant control what the BBC puts out, especially since they do not want to interfere in the brexit procedure at all because people would just attack and blame them for it.