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The boat is being floated 18 10, 6:28pm


I do understand what is being talked about. Unlike you from what you say. As you point out the EU won't allow the GFA to continue unless the UK stays within the EU system and controlled by their laws. That means its THEIR decision. It also highlights the inaccuracy of you saying EU regulations aren't controlled by them! The issue has been that they have said throughout the process that they won't consider any changes in their rules to allow the Irish republic an exception for the GFA to survive.

On your points
1) So the EU has a right to demand subsidies from a non member state just because it feels it has the power to do so? When you say cooperate you mean submit unconditionally. The EU can refuse to negotiate at all unless such unrealistic demands are met but then Britain can play hard ball as well and both sides lose before of the greedy idiots in Brussels. Not to mention of course this argument from Brussels is different from what they were saying a couple of years back.

2) Yes Britain agreed to this a long time ago and the EU more recently I belief. The big problem here was when the EU was demanding extra-territorial status with their citizens in Britain being processed through EU laws rather then UK law.

3) The argument until their concession yesterday was they would never accept the GFA unless Britain agreed to be under EU control for as long as the EU wished. Quite rightly this was rejected by Parliament.

I'm unhappy with the current compromise as well because it restricts the rights of the people of N Ireland. However the big concession from Brussels is that the people of the province have a say on the matter which they were refusing before.

4) Fine by me as I want Britain to leave the EU and govern itself. I would disagree with your 2nd sentence as the problem is that the EU has refused to consider any compromise which might protect the Republic form the EU's threats to the GFA. Britain has made a lot of concessions here but hopefully the EU will keep their word for one.

The EU leaders have never that I've been aware of made such statements that I have seen on British TV. They have made a statement that they would defend the GFA which is fundamentally false as their argument for the last couple of year has been "we will kill the GFA unless you agree to the EU continuing to control your laws for as long it wishes." That has been the big barrier to an agreement before now.