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The boat is being floated 18 10, 8:57pm

@stevep59 Apparently language isn't your strongest point. They're, their and there. Learn the difference.

Who was involved with UKIP? Tusk or Barnier? I don't think so. Again, understanding what you read would help you very much, perhaps also in getting a better impression of what's going on right now.
Are Tusk or Barnier gods? I don't think so. I didn't describe them as such either. I merely stated that every leader in the EU, and whether that's Juncker, Tusk, Merkel or the prime minister of Luxembourg, has stated that they hoped that the UK would change their minds and remain in the EU.

A lot of inaccurate hate rants and bigotry but a distinct lack of facts? Yes, you surely delivered that! As such I tried to give you some feedback. But facts and truth haven't been involved in the Leave campaign, neither do they play a role in how parts of the British society think. So I merely tried to help a bit.

ps. As I live outside the EU, I couldn't care less about what's happening there or with the UK. What I do care about is correct information and facts.