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The boat is being floated 18 10, 9:21pm

@stevep59 Its a shame you are so poorly informed but I do not blame you for it but instead the British media. You said it yourself, you have not seen the counterpoints on British TV when I who live in Sweden has when I am not even slightly involved. It is not the EU which has failed to vocalize their position but the British Media that has failed to communicate it to you.

The EU which has the gathering of the brightest diplomats in the world has already outlined basically every possible agreement on Brexit and when I say "possible" i do mean it instead of your demands that the EU should destroy itself to bend to the UK's will.

As proof of this the very proposal that the UK is now pushing is actually a previous proposal that the EU presented years ago combined with May's deal. To point out, May's deal was basically the best option presented and the new deal that Boris came up with by Frankenstein combining the two is objectively worse in that it prevents free travel and trade within the UK itself.

Something I might add is illegal according to UK law and Boris Johnson has probably broken the law by even presented it. A law I might add which was proposed and passed by one of Boris staff and fellow Brexiteer no less.

Anyways the UK has never once proposed a credible solution to the EU and has ended up resorting to working with what the EU gave them years ago but they rejected at the time. This is important because it shows how fundamentally unprepared the UK was for this and their lacking ability to make it a reality. All they have done is made impossible demands of the EU that they know the EU cant possibly accept and then blamed the EU for not accepting said impossible demands.

A good example is the financial question of the billions of euros. The EU could easily take this to international court and get the money that way which not only means they will get it regardless but also that if they did then they could make more demands during the Brexit negotiation since the heavy demand of repaying is not on the table. They have not done so however and instead simply expects the UK to honor their obligations or respect that they have cut all contact with the EU.

The UK arguing over this is them trying to escape their own debt and its quite frankly disgraceful behavior. Before you say it this was also made perfectly clear even before the Brexit vote but apparently a red buss with some text on it was more important.

Let me also make another thing perfectly clear. You do not have to have open borders and fall under the EU regulations to maintain the GFA, there are other options. Its just that those are even worse such as giving back northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland.

This is the mess the UK started and it would never have gone differently. The fact that the UK cant present a solution or settle on a solution provide by the EU is not the EU's fault.