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The boat is being floated 19 10, 5:05pm


As I say I can only go by what Tusk and Barnier have said themselves. I know their been dishonest a number of times as well as frequently abusive so wouldn't be surprised if they have left details out.

There are other options that could be done but the EU was insistent that its dogma was more important than the Irish economy. Frankly I would have given up on the GFA a year or so back and let the EU kill it off. Could probably have made less concessions elsewhere and as you say it leaves N Ireland in a difficult position, especially if the EU refuses a free trade agreement. Which they have agreed with other nations but may well refuse with Britain.

As you say it leaves a potential legal problem as if no free trade deal is agreed then customs posts will have to be set up on the Irish border, so the EU would get their way anyway. Otherwise I could see the province being very angry, as well as the rest of the UK.

On money it would help if the EU had been consistent but they have changed their story at least once. Also there was the famous drinking club example Tusk used a couple of years back which actually argued that Britain should pay nothing but I don't think he realised that.

There are some legal commitments, for pensions on time prior to 2016 but the other excuses I have heard from the EU are dubious. Yes while we're in we will pay our way - which is probably another reason why their dragged things out so much but once we're out that should be it.

Of course as I said before I'm no fan of the Tories. Their every bit as corrupt and incompetent as their counterparts in Brussels so I wouldn't be surprised as to them having f**ked a fair number of things up. And continuing to do so. Hopefully if we can get rid of Brussels we can then concentrate on getting them out as well. [Although unfortunately there isn't much in the way of decent alternatives. Labour being in a total mess and the Illegal Undemocrats and the Brexit Party being one issue parties that will have to either give up or find new purposes if/when we actually leave.

Of course that assumes that the remainers in Parliament don't block this agreement today in which case the EU have been shot in the foot by their own 'allies'. If that happens everything is up in the air again.