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The boat is being floated 19 10, 5:14pm


So I made a slip up in syntax. Accidents happen.

I was joking about your blaming Farage, who I can't stand either, for the actions and statements of Tusk and Barnier. Also their assumption that they can dictate to anyone and their always right, even when they change their arguments.

Your entitled to your opinion but your not a god either so that doesn't make it fact no matter how much you wish it to be. I know how much hatred and bigotry has been displayed by the extremists on the remain side because I've quite often been the victim of it myself. Also how often the EU side has sought to bend [or ignore] the facts to get what they desire.

The difference between me and you is that I willing to criticise all sides when I believe their in the wrong. Too many bigots and extremists only go for their opponents.