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The boat is being floated 20 10, 9:23pm

@stevep59 Lets not beat around the bush here. Having an open border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland where both sides do not have the same regulations and standards would be just as catastrophic for the Republic of Ireland as it would the EU which is why the Republic of Ireland is 100% backing the EU and its demands on Brexit. Having an open border without regulation is not and never has been an option and the Republic of Ireland is willing to burn the GFA if it has to choose because one is social unrest and the other is the certain downfall of the country and the union.

It is also worth noting that free trade and open borders means different things. The EU has signed many free trade agreements but that does not mean there is an open border. As for their rare open border agreements such as Norway and Switzerland the same restrictions applies as for those expected of the UK if not worse. Norway for example is paying allot of money for its special status which it has chosen instead of directly joining.

As for the money no one actually really knows how much money its about. Its a complicated mess that needs to be worked out on the negotiation table over a long period of time. All we know is that the UK owes the EU money and that its allot of money.

As for the money the UK owes allot of it could be acquired by suing them in international court however the EU is unlikely to do this. That does not mean that the EU does not consider the UK to owe it money and is the foundation for why it has to be included in any potential deal. Basically the EU considers the need for all previous debts and responsibilities to be conclude before they start a new relationship with the UK as a fresh slate.

As for the current agreements on Brexit in Parliament there is no serious hope for them. Boris Johnson is putting up deals and legislation to try force a no-deal brexit and the remainers in Parliament is trying to stop him. Its all a petty power struggle with no actual productive momentum. There are only two real conclusions to this, either Boris wins and through some legal loophole triggers a no-deal Brexit or the remainers secures an extension where they can trigger a new public vote and an election.