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The boat is being floated 21 10, 3:45pm


Lets be honest. The EU doesn't want an open border with an independent UK. The idea it would kill the entire EU is farcical however. It would cause problems unless properly managed but its just that the EU won't consider it. Possibly because they want another tool to pressurise the UK into more concessions, possibly because their starting to believe their own dogmatic stance.

As for the money the EU is demanding a lot of money from the UK, which is pretty much business as usual for them. It changed its argument about what the UK should give it a lot of money so its unclear what basis there is for the ~30billion that has been agreed on.

Your utterly wrong in the last paragraph. Johnson put forward the deal that has been agreed with the EU and Parliament rejected it. One factor was the DUP because its rightly upset about how the deal seeks to isolate N Ireland. However by far the main one was the remainers who don't want a deal as they wish to block Brexit totally, regardless of the circumstances. Along with a fair measure of party politics as some groups, most noticeably Labour and the SNP look to make the government look weak by keeping the country in turmoil. Their priority is to get a further extension so as to delay Brexit and use the time to further undermine the process.

For your information there was a chance of a quick election that would put a new government in before the end of this month but the remainers blocked it. They wanted another delay ahead of an election because their fearful that for all their propaganda they might lose it.

It should be noticed that the most fanatical of the remainers, the LibDems as their still inaccurately called, have clearly stated that if they can block Brexit without giving a choice on the matter they will do. The chance of them winning a majority in parliament is about the same as me winning gold in the Olympic marathon next year but there is the danger in an hung parliament they might get some sort of deal that prevents any say by the British people, which of course won't resolve any problems but their too bigoted to consider points like that.