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The boat is being floated 24 10, 11:54pm

"The drinking club analogy is actually pretty good, although more towards how the EU will handle the situation than in reality since the EU does have the legal option to force the UK to pay if they wanted to. But yes the EU will not ask the UK to pay if they leave. If they come back and want a trade deal or something however then the EU will demand that UK pays its previous tab first before getting anything new."

Funny as just about everybody including yourself is saying that the EU will force the UK to meet all its fiscal demands, no matter how realistic or not.

We could have had an election by now if the opposition had been willing and the situation might have been a lot clearer, one way or another. Its possible that Johnson, a former remainer let us not forget, could have been the twisted fanatical manipulator your suggesting but its extremely unlikely as I don't think he's either smart enough or that committed to a no deal exit, as opposed to using that as an argument for political reasons, both internally and with regards to the EU.

It would be very tight to get the legislation passed now, even if the remainers were willing to allow it. A month would definitely have been plenty of time without blocking motions by them.

I fail to see how this current deal ties the UK into the EU for ever as you seem to suggest? The May deal would have given the EU the untrammeled power to do that but this does not as provided the remainer opposition is overcome Britain has it in its own power to leave, which wasn't the case under May.

Just hearing again that Johnson has offered yet more time to get Parliament to accept a deal provided they agree to an election afterwards but their still refusing. Their also talking about modifying the deal, which they know means rejecting it. Its all a method to prevent any Brexit.