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The boat is being floated 25 10, 10:50pm

@stevep59 Its just a simple fact that the EU has the best diplomatic team in the history of mankind and also all the leverage in this negotiation. They will leave with whatever they want, its just a question of what the UK can get in return.

As for a general election it takes about 7 weeks to properly organize one but it all comes down to the fact that Boris can choose as well as later move the time for the election at will. This gives him allot of power to force a no-deal if proper coutermeasures are not taken beforehand which they are trying to set up at the moment.

As for the character of Boris I agree, he is not a fanatical supporter of Brexit but he is fanatical in another way. If you look back on his career he has done everything he can to gain political advantage including switching from Remain to Brexit. It is no secret that he wants to be PM and is willing to do anything as well as forgo any shame and decency to achieve this. He is neither competent enough or driven enough to achieve what he has already since before him running for PM recently he was just a no-body in politics that everyone rejected.

He saw an opportunity to become a tool for Brexiteers and he took it. Its not Boris himself that is doing all these political maneuverings but the people in his staff which he filled with exactly the diehard and fanatical brexiteers that are willing to do ANYTHING to have a no-deal brexit.

At this point Boris is too deeply invested to turn back and he will as such be pushed towards doing anything for a no-deal brexit because that is why he is supported by his political allies in the first place.

As for how the current deal ties the UK to the EU its pretty simple. Where Theresa May's deal tied the UK to the EU for as long as it took for the UK to come up with a solution for the Irish border and implement it, Boris plan instead draws the border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK and makes the same concessions that May did for Norther Ireland but permanently. You will forever have to have border checks going between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK if this bill passes and Northern Ireland is forever under EU regulations.

At this point Boris and the Brexiteers have basically given up on the current deadline and is looking forward to the future to try again. This is primarily why they want a general election to regain a majority at which point they believe they can overpower the opposition and get a no-deal brexit again. The opposition at the same time is not actually against the idea of a general election but they are not in any rush at this point so they can take their time setting it up to be beneficial for them as well as to cripple Boris further. Its basically just back to normal politics now and does not have much to do with Brexit.