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Here's a thought 26 10, 12:39am

LOL. You must be fun at parties. You might want to look up the word "humour" in your dictionary.

Nobody is denying climate change! Climate change isn't up for debate. The debate is about what should be done about it. I am strong believer of darwinism and therefore also of evolution. Survival of the fittest. So it is all about adapting to the changes that is happening. Planet earth won't be destroyed because of these changes, planet earth won't fall out of it's orbit around the sun, planet earth won't explode or whatever. Whether or not mankind will survive is a different matter, but life as such will continue on earth.
Roughly speaking we got 2 options, 1) We can stand up scream and cry and blame someone/something/ourselves about climate change and how we are doomed, which is what Greta and others are doing, or 2) We can try and adapt to the changes and make the best out of it. My problem with option number 1 is, that is like trying to reverse a flood by standing on the beach with your arms outstreched and trying to baricade it from sweeping over the coastline, that won't help. Option number 2 are those staying behind building a dyke and aiming at survival rather than doom.

Regarding Greta, yes she is a nutter. At the recent climate meeting in New York, she hired a boat to sail her there instead of flying. In order to maintain a boat you need to frequently paint and repaint and apply chemicals to combat algae groth on the hull. Further more the boats crew had to be flown in. All in all her boat trip across the atlantic had a large impact on the enviroment than had she just bought 3 tickets for herself and her parents. That amount of hypocracy certainly does result in her being a nutter. If she really meant to prove a point regarding the enviroment then she should have built a raft out of balsa and rushes like Heyerdahl did with Kon-Tiki.

Does it make me a trumpite if there is a couple of subjects where Trump agrees with me out if a billion other subject where we disagree?

Anyways... the subjuct isn't climate. The subject is I don't think so.... so... I don't think so.