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The boat is being floated 26 10, 9:10pm


I agree there will be problems over the relationship of N Ireland if/when we actually get out of the EU but the big difference is that the province actually has a say on the matter. With the earlier version it was not just the entire UK trapped but we had no say in terminating the situationship at all.

Given what your said, as I think I've said before, I would have accepted a year back that the GFA can't be saved and moved onto other things. As you say its incompatible with the current way the EU sees itself as a monolithic and unchanging whole.

I agree that I don't trust Johnson at all but none of the other politicians, either in Britain or the EU have come out of its with clean hands as all. Been far too much lying by all involved.

As you say the current blockade is partly party politics as normal and partly as well the fanatical EU at any cost stance of too many of the MPs who will do anything to stop any exit. Which if they were to succeed is likely to really tear the country apart but then like too many people nowadays they don't consider the consequences of their actions.