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The boat is being floated 30 10, 9:00pm

@stevep59 That is not actually true at all. The Brexit deadline was extended because the UK demanded it and the EU has not complained about any demands simply because they are powerful enough to get whatever they want in the first place. The UK can not possibly get a deal with the EU where the EU does not get exactly what it wants. At most they have called the UK childish for demanding things that cant be done or rejecting demands that cant be avoided. This is not to stop a deal but to define what a deal actually is.

As for Brexit, the only reason the EU has not already thrown the UK out is that first of all they cant due to EU rules and secondly they are giving the UK some amount of respect to choose their own future.

The continual Brexit process will do nothing but cost the EU and drag its name through the mud. As for their supposed fear that the UK will thrive outside the EU that is not only a childish assumption of their motives but also against everything we know of the current predictions and history.

Just a simple question. Considering how badly the UK has handled Brexit, what makes you think they will not also completely fail at saving the country after they actually leave? Say whatever you want but I dont have much hope for the current government in the UK to do anything with any degree of competency.