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The boat is being floated 31 10, 4:43pm


a) Elements in Parliament demanded it but that was more to block Brexit at all. Unfortunately because of their blind faith in the EU as a matter of dogma and because the Tories as usual have made an almighty mess of things the blockers have been able to prevent any progress.

You do notice that your definition of a deal is a dictation of demands? Yes the EU is in a powerful position, in part because of its greater size but also because the UK is currently so deeply divided with none of the groups showing either competence or any particular morality.

There has been a lot of accusations of lying among other things which is a definite case of pot and kettle given the behaviour of a lot of the EU officials.

b) Funny, it has been presented here that the EU could decide not to give Britain a further extension, as many in Britain want. That would have brought an end to the process but the EU has decided not to do so.

c) I'm not sure its a childish fear but its definitely something the EU have often said about the damage a successful Britain would do to the EU in increasing the probability that others might seek to jump ship. It does also fit in with their past behaviour in terms of the phobia about decentralisation of power and decision making.

d) I agree that Britain has had a serious problem with appalling miss-leadership especially the last 40-50 years or so. Being in the EU hasn't prevented it and has actually made it easier for the EU to take more from the UK. Being outside we might continue to fail but also we might start getting our act together. I reject the view presented by many fanatical remainers that the British people are somehow totally unable to govern themselves and must be ruled from Brussels.