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Double Attack 1 11, 12:19pm

Not so much anymore. Border crossings are at an all-time low, according to Boarder Patrol's own data. Mexico's economy is much healthier, and population growth has slowed way down, so there's not much desperation to move to the US anymore.
I doubt you'll hear much about that in the news when the current administration is still trying to use fear to convince the US citizens that a boarder wall is anything but a monstrously expensive, counterproductive, extremely destructive, terrible idea.

As for Canada... we have seen some significant spikes in the last 2-3 years as Donald pushed through ever-more draconian enforcement of Illegal immigration laws. This results in people running FROM the USA to a safer place... not unlike during slavery when the Northern States threw black people under the bus, by passing laws that slaves who escaped the South would be captured in the North states and returned to their owners... They had to start running all the way to Canada, where slavery was already abolished, 100 years before USA would.
It's uncomfortably similar to what's happening now.