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The boat is being floated 1 11, 9:38pm

@stevep59 I dont really understand your pro brexit points here. If the Parliament, who is the elected representatives and thus the voice of the people, dont want brexit then of course they are going to extend the deadline. In fact why would anyone want to exit through the deadline in the first place? If you simply want to have a no-deal brexit just leave with a no-deal brexit at any time you want. Leaving through the deadline is literally going against the will of the UK Parliament and the will of the people, which is ironic when you think about it since a core aspect of Brexit was to "take back control".

As for the EU's part in all of this extension nonsense their position is actually very uncomfortable. They cant really deny the extension since its the UK who is asking for it and denying it would go against the current good relationship. This is not to mention that Anti-EU groups would use this as an excuse to attack the EU saying things like "The EU threw the UK out without its consent to harm it" or whatever. As such its up to the UK to sort this mess out by itself.

Also yes, a deal like this is mostly a series of demands that needs to be agreed on both sides. There literally cant be a deal unless the UK agrees to the EU demands just as there cant be a deal unless the EU agrees to the UK demands. Of the two the EU can not and will not change its demands, this is not about the UK being divided or even good/bad at negotiation but a simple fact that only certain agreements are possible with the EU.

The EU or any EU country could have refused an extension but again this threatens the relationship with the UK, empowers anti-EU groups and goes against the will of the UK and its people. The deadline does not give the UK anything it cant already choose for itself so the fact that it has not already chosen it means it goes against the will of the UK.

Allot of people in the EU indeed wants to make an example out of the UK and use the EU to punish them however the EU itself has made it very clear that they are not going to and there is no evidence that there are any intentions of doing so. You may say whatever you want but EU officials are not known for acting on emotion and instead focuses on what is most beneficial for the EU or their host countries depending on their position. They are in a sense, professional bureaucrats.

What is worth mentioning however is that even if the EU wanted to punish the UK there is no indication that they even need to bother. There have been countless predictions made on the effects of brexit and each is worse than the next and the current series of events are even worse than the worst case predictions in said reports. Everything points to the UK being fundamentally crippled after any form of Brexit at this point so why should the EU bother setting fire when there is already an inferno? There is no evidence that the EU could do anything worse than the UK has already done to itself.

Its also worth noting that the only reason the UK even reluctantly joined the EU is precisely because they were failing so badly by themselves and the world today is even more harsh than it was back then not to mention the UK is far weaker than it used to be, partially because of bad leadership.