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The boat is being floated 2 11, 6:56pm

@stevep59 By your same argument about the elections would the Brexit referendum not be an equally flawed vote, especially considering all the Brexit proponents at the time supported a deal similar to Norway or Switzerland and even rejected the idea of a "no-deal" as impossible and suicidal? This is not to mention that every single promise they made has turned out to be false and all the plans for it has failed.

Whatever the voters were voting for has failed to be achieved and now they use the peoples vote to push for something completely different. Sure you can try blame this on the remainers or the impotent government but in reality there was never any substance behind the Brexit movement. They had no plan for how it was supposed to be carried out or any idea of the consequences and when it came time to shit or get off the pot they were so unprepared that they could not even do either of those things.

This is a systematic failure of everyone involved but the costs are real. The UK has bleed from day one as businesses and people lose trust in the UK's future. No real preparations has been made and even the basic access to food and medicine is uncertain a week after Brexit. Again things could have been done to at least alleviate these problems but neither the government nor the Brexit supporters have lifted a finger, either through not caring or not understanding what needs to be done both equally bad.

Every day that passes worsens the future predictions of the UK in the case of Brexit. Saying they are "getting better" is simply lying to yourself. Sure the government has spent allot of money on doing preparations but.. as I said, they are incapable of doing what needs to be done. Whatever preparations they have done is either laughably inadequate or sometimes even counter productive.

This is the current situation of the UK and the best they have been able to manage since 2016. Proper preparations for Brexit would have taken years if not decades and as things looks the UK will only even begin to tackle them AFTER they leave when these things becomes actual problems. There is no bright future ahead of the UK after a no-deal Brexit, only a long and deadly struggle to not regress into a 3rd world country.

You seam to think there is room for a smaller power to exploit the inflexibility of the bigger powers around it but that is naive at best, partially because the room that does exist is smaller than the UK is currently and cant support it in its current form and also because the only real way that would work is if the UK debases itself for the benefit of these larger powers.

The USA as an example has already said they want to privatize the NHS for their private investors and only offered a trade deal where the US can unload its low quality products onto the UK but the UK is limited in its own trade with the USA. All the other countries that the UK has talked to says they will not negotiate a trade deal before Brexit is over and the UK has a deal with the EU.

There is no help to be found. Everyone will be out to screw over the UK if they leave because that is literally their job. The leaders, diplomats and negotiations that makes these deals only have one objective, the largest possible benefits for their own country at the expense of EVERYTHING else which in this case includes the UK.

The UK does not have anything special to offer that they could use in negotiation, the only thing it has is juicy fat that other powers can greedily carve out for themselves. On the other hand the UK is not self sustaining enough to even be able to say "No".

I leave you with a single question. Why would any other country be fair to the UK?