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The boat is being floated 3 11, 5:44pm


Long term interest in that it can get better access to the UK market and a market that can grow,

As you say the problem is that very little has been done to prepare properly for any Brexit. Partly the generic incompetence of the Tory Party, partly that May never really seemed interested in actually leaving and the remainers blocked as much as they could. Also Johnson has, from what I've read, fouled up a trade deal or two by offering free access as a default and hence meaning that Britain has little to offer in a deal. A mistake no responsible politician would make.

So you are now admitting that the EU should be treated as a hostile power, as it has acted as your suggesting all others will?

Your falling into the old binary trap in beliving that there are only two extremes. Leaving the EU doesn't mean blindly accepting control by another large economic bloc. I think even Johnson isn't stupid enough to think he could sacrifice the NHS to US insurance interests. There are a fair number of medium and small powers that do quite well without being under the thumb of a large centralised bloc/power.

True we shot ourselves in the head by joining the EEC as it ended many of our traditional trade links because of its protectionist policies. Also it killed off the EFTA as a practical alternative, which would have been better for Britain and probably also for a fair number of the states that escaped the old eastern bloc when the Soviet empire fell if it was still about.