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The boat is being floated 4 11, 12:59am

@stevep59 The UK already has access to most markets in the world with some of the best trade agreements in history through the EU, where do you expect this growth to come from? You are not going to get any better trade deals than you already have currently. Remember these are deals that the EU negotiated. The EU has well over 100 trade deals currently negotiated on the same basis as the one it has offered the UK but right now the UK is on the EU side and benefits from it.

Also I dont think you quite understand this either. Free trade is not necessarily a tempting negotiation token for many countries, its not certain they want it. Saying that the UK should offer it in a deal will probably not be terribly effective. It works with the EU since they take Ireland into consideration but otherwise the EU dont really want that at all and the UK would have to offer allot in compensation for even giving away free trade.

As for the EU being a "hostile power" that is incorrect, if the UK leaves its a foreign power and foreign powers always aims to exploit the other. This is the default and something the UK should expect even from its allies such as USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This is the basis of diplomacy not to mention whatever bullshit Russia and China would try to pull since they are very much a hostile power.

Also even the Medium and small trade powers WILL be out to screw the UK over. This is not even a question, its a promise. What are you even hoping to gain from this?