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The boat is being floated 4 11, 4:45pm


You yourself declared the EU by definition an hostile power and it has shown that by its behaviour.

At the moment the EU has a lock on much of British trade and resources because we're a member of the bloc. Its going to lose at least some of that unless its willing to deal responsibly with Britain as we will have options to look elsewhere.

I would argue that powers, at least intelligently led ones, which I admit many are frequently not, look to benefit their interests. That's a different thing from seeking to screw everybody else over because that tends to leave you isolated and mistrusted. Large powers such as China, the US and the EU can think playing the thug has no costs for them but in the longer term even for them its a losing process.

In terms of what I want. Can't talk for everybody else in the leave camp. I want a more responsive government that the people can have some actual control over. This means getting out of the EU and reforming British politics. We have the chance of doing the 1st because Cameron and the EU fouled up in the former agreeing to a referendum and the EU being so confident that remain would win that they weren't willing to consider British problems. That led to a situation where every vote did count and I think that was a factor in the resulting leave victory.

Reforming the situation in Britain will be more difficult as it will mean getting the influence to at the least change the voting system but given the turmoil in the current parties its not impossible.

I think part of the problem is that you seem to consider change impossible. It can be difficult but its definitely not impossible. An independent UK that properly reforms itself may be economically weaker in the shorter run but can change and make itself stronger. Getting rid of the Thatcherite parasites would be a good start as it would enable serious consideration of reform and reconstruction.